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Hired Gun Drums is a collection of past and present work by Austin, TX drummer, Johnny (Jasio) Gasyna. Projects span over 15 years and multiple genres, including punk, metal, rock, swing and solo electro projects. The most recent and on-going projects is the Avocados

*Currently looking for new projects in funk/soul, and punk/post-punk/power-pop genres, session sit ins, and gun for hire projects. For more information or to contact, please send an email.

Special Thanks

Thanks to all of the contributors on these projects: Jenny Arffmann, John Wayne Akin, Morgan Coy, Douglas Ferguson, Travis Cooper, Melinda Rothouse, JT Martin, Abdo Serda, Ben Prentice, Greg Rhoades, Bridget Evarts, Cedric Synnestvedt, Liam Keddy